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Bespoke Colour Specialists

The team of professionally trained hair colour technicians at The Salon, Ulverston love working with clients to achieve beautiful hair colour.

We are renowned for our colour work and use Wella Colour products exclusively.

Our stylists regularly attend colour courses at Wella Studios in Manchester and we have a resident Colour Master as part of our team.

Whether you choose a bold hair shade, a few sun-kissed highlights or something to cover the grey hair and touch up roots, you can be assured that our team will deliver a highly competent service tailored just for you.

If it’s your first visit to us we would suggest a prior consultation. During this we can discuss your expectations and needs while explaining our Colour Start allergy protocol to you. With all of this we’ll ensure your colour appointment is safe, relaxing and lives up to your expectations.

Here at The Salon, we strongly recommend and use Wella Plex with all our colour proceedures, especially bleaching. Wella Plex is a bond reconstructor and strengthens the hair. We also use an extensive range of toners, which can create modern creamy results or ash and grey tones to bleached hair.

Important Things To Know Before Your Hair Colour Appointment

All our colour clients must complete the Colour Start Protocol prior to us carrying out any colour service.

We would usually advise this be carried out a minimum of 7 days prior to your appointment.

Your safety is our priority. The Colour Start patch tests ensure that colour proceedures are carried out safely and confidently.

Please use this link to see how to aquire and apply your Colour Start patch test:

All Over Hair Colour & Covering Regrowth

From eye-catching reds or platinum blondes to rich chocolate brown hair colours, there is no doubt that permanent hair colours can look fantastic.

Wella have a fabulous range of colours which, in the hands of our professional colourists, can achieve a result to complement your complexion and revitalises your look, propelling your confidence levels up to the max.


Highlights & Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights are an incredibly popular and effective way to add colour and dimension to your hairstyle.  Our team here in Ulverston use foiling and weaving techniques or slice highlights in as many tones and shades as you want to achieve a vibrant result. We can offer several options:

Full head highlights.
Foil highlights or lowlights are woven through the whole head to give a multitonal, multidimensional colour. If you want full head coverage or often wear you hair up this is the choice for you.

Large crown highlights
As above but the foil highlightsor lowlights are placed through half the head or one specific area of hair, saving on time and cost for you.

Small crown
A small amount of colour can still make a great deal of difference! A few foils applied to the hair can be used to achieve subtle dashes of colour without committing to to a full colour change.

Balayage and Ombre

Balayage is a freehand hair colouring technique where highlights are literally painted onto the hair usually to give it a sun-kissed look.

There are many variations of Balayage and you may have come accross the terms root stretch or babylights. Most clients ask for darker roots with lighter ends for a low maintenance look, but the transformation can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want.

Glossing & Toning

Hair gloss in Wella’s range are a form of semi-permanent hair colour that help to enhance your hair’s natural shine, while also correcting and revitalising the tone of your hair.

A hair gloss is perfect for those who are new to the world of hair colour or simply want to try out a new trend without the commitment to a permanent hair colour.  These glosses work by coating your hair fibres with a conditioning colour that will fade with each wash.

Hair toners are also a great way to correct or personalise your hair colour. Toners are often added by our colour technicians to hair that has permanent colour as the toner will help us to get to the shade you desire.  Toners will also make your colour look more natural and with multiple tones after a professional colour treatment.

Hair Colour Correction & Colour Changes

We are also experts at correcting colour disasters through home dye kits or elsewhere. We would strongly suggest the first step to winning back your hair to get in touch and arrange a consultation with us.